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In English

ROTI is short for Finnish words State of the Built Environment. It also stands as a brand for a methodology to assess the condition of the national infrastructure. The methodology is based on leading-edge statistical data, questionnaire for users of built environment and four specialist panels to evaluate it and to elaborate on the future prospects of the field. The result is a roadmap for improvement to both national and local, both public and private parties involved in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the built environment.

The origins of ROTI lie in the White Paper on Construction given by the Council of State of Finland in 2003. Underlining that the built environment makes two thirds of our national capital and is an important part of our national heritage, the Paper called for closer cooperation of stakeholders in the business. To answer this challenge, ROTI was set up by around 20 major stakeholders from NGOs to ministries, involving the best civil engineering specialists and leading policy makers of the country.

The interactive evaluation model is imported from similar systems developed in the USA and Great Britain. The first Finnish report was published in spring 2007, and it immediately got a positive response from the participating organizations and the media. Within months the report also led to several further investigations on alleged weaknesses, thus actively participating in the policy change e.g. on national investments to infrastructure rehabilitation. In short, the first ROTI round met the ambitious goals set for the process.

This site summarizes the results of the fourth round of assessment, ROTI 2013, that will be published on 18th of April, 2013. Selected details of the new results will be provided in English later on.
Further information:
Mr. Teemu Vehmaskoski
Project Manager, ROTI
Development Director, Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL
teemu.vehmaskoski (at) ril.fi
Tel. +358 50 352 6878

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